Review of the genus perama (Rubiaceae)

  title={Review of the genus perama (Rubiaceae)},
  author={Julian Alfred. Steyermark and Joseph H. Kirkbride},
The nomenclatural and taxonomic history of the genusPerama Aubl. (Rubiaceae) is discussed. The major trends of evolution within the genus are characterized, and the sections of the genus are delimited. A new section,Diperama Kirkb. & Steyerm., is described. The distribution of the genus is updated, and centers of species concentration are indicated. A complete synonymy is given for the genus, and the type species cited. An artificial key to the species is given ; a new combination,P. parviflora… 
Systematics, taxonomy and floristics of Brazilian Rubiaceae: an overview about the current status and future challenges
The present work is to offer an overall view of the most recent family classification with emphasis on the genera of Rubiaceae occurring in Brazil, and to indicate particular taxa that are still in need of phylogenetic and taxonomic studies.
Flora da Serra do Cipó, Minas Gerais: Rubiaceae
O estudo da familia Rubiaceae e parte do levantamento da "Flora da Serra do Cipo, Minas Gerais, Brasil". Esta familia e representada na area por 36 generos, totalizando 91 especies. Uma nova especie


The subfamilial tribal and subtribal nomenclature of the rubiaceae
This study aims to present in as compact a form as possible the nomenclatural status of all names published at those ranks under the Rubiaceae, a task made particularly difficult by the fact that such names are not accounted for in such compendia as Index Kewensis, a situation which makes considerable bibliographic work necessary.
Notes on the Rubiaceae of Surinam
In my revision of the Rubiaceae in Pulle’s Flora of Surinam two genera, viz. Pagamea and Perama, which are now usually included in this family, are relegated to an appendix. On account of its
Remarks on the position, the delimitation and the subdivision of the Rubiaceae
Some of the characters by the aid of which in the Rubiaceae very suitable keys to the genera have been constructed, but which when they were used for the elaboration of a classification, led to entirely unsatisfactory results are discussed.
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