Review of the genus Hartemita Cameron, 1910 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Cardiochilinae), with the description of six new species from Vietnam

  title={Review of the genus Hartemita Cameron, 1910 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Cardiochilinae), with the description of six new species from Vietnam},
  author={Khuat Dang Long and Cornelis van Achterberg},
  pages={13 - 40}
Abstract The Oriental and East Palaearctic genus Hartemita Cameron, 1910 (Braconidae: Cardiochilinae) is recorded for the first time from Vietnam. Sixteen species of the genus Hartemita are currently recognized from Oriental and East Palaearctic regions. One species is newly recorded for Vietnam, Hartemita singaporensis (Mao, 1945)and six new species from Vietnam are described and illustrated: Hartemita coffeana sp. n., Hartemita daklaka sp. n., Hartemita khuatbaolinhae sp. n., Hartemita… 
Orientocardiochiles, a new genus of Cardiochilinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), with descriptions of two new species from Malaysia and Vietnam
The scientific names validated by this paper and morphological data obtained from this project will be utilized and tested in the upcoming genus-level revision of the subfamily based on combined morphological and molecular data.
An additional list with new records of braconid wasps of the family braconidae (Hymenoptera) from Vietnam
This paper presented the list of 210 braconid wasps of the family Braconidae from Vietnam with the information of the museums where the types are deposited, the published papers of the first record ofBraconid species in Vietnam, hosts and distribution of braconids, and 18 species listed with information about their hosts.
New host record for the enigmatic Neotropical mantidfly genus Anchieta Navás, 1909 (Neuroptera, Mantispidae), a mimic of wasps and stingless bees
The third case of an association between the mantidfly genus Anchieta Navas, 1909 with the order Hymenoptera is presented and the biology and mimicry pattern with stingless bees of the reared AnchietA species is discussed.


Revision of the Oriental genus Hartemita Cameron (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Cardiochilinae)
The generic name Hartemita Cameron is brought out of synonymy to accommodate a distinctive group of Oriental species that has previously been referred to Laminitarsus Fullaway and, more recently, to
The species of the genus Hartemita Cameron (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Cardiochilinae) from China are revised and four new species are described, four of which are new species.
First record of the genus Hartemita Cameron from Russia with description of a new species from the south of the Russian Far East (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Cardiochilinae)
The genus Hartemitas Cameron, 1910 is recorded from Russia for the first time and a key to Palaearctic species of Hartemita and a review of Cardiochilinae occurring in Russia are given.
Taxonomic Studies on Indian Cardiochilinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) with Descriptions of Five New Species
Five new species of Cardioehilinae, including asiacardiochiles Telenga and Austerocardiochiles Dangerfield & Austin are recorded for the first time from India, are described from India.
Systematics of the world genera of Cardiochilinae (Hymenoptera : Braconidae)
The genera of Cardiochilinae are revised on the basis of a phylogeneticanalysis of qualitative and morphometric characters and 169 of the182 described species are placed in the new generic classification.
The Braconidae (Hymenoptera) of Taiwan V. Cardiochilinae and Orgilinae
Five species of Cardiochilinae and 18 species of Orgilinae from Taiwan are recognized in this paper. Among them, 14 species are new to science and 2 species are new to the fauna of Taiwan. Keys to
New Species of the Genus Hartemita Cameron (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Cardiochilinae) from Korea and Japan
Abstract A new species Hartemita nigrotestacea sp. nov. is described from Korea and Japan.
On some Asiatic species of the Subfamilies Spathiinae, Doryctinae, Rhogadinae, Cardiochilinae and Macrocentrinae in the Royal Berlin Zoological Museum
Spathiinae. Spathius pedunculatus (Hoffgg.) spec. nov. Black, the head (the face is blackish), mandibles, except at the apex, antennae, the apical half of scutellum in the centre (the mark almost
Illustrated key to the subfamilies of the Braconidae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea)
An illustrated key to the 43 subfamilies of the family Braconidae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea) is given.
Illustrated key to the subfamilies of the Braconidae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
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