Review of the genus Cobitis in the Middle East, with the description of eight new species (Teleostei: Cobitidae).

  title={Review of the genus Cobitis in the Middle East, with the description of eight new species (Teleostei: Cobitidae).},
  author={J. Freyhof and Esra Bayçelebi and M. Geiger},
  volume={4535 1},
The diversity of Cobitis in the Middle East is reviewed, resulting in the recognition of 30 species, of which eight are described herein as new. Two species, C. amphilekta and C. kellei, seem to be extinct. Hypotheses on species-level diversity derived from distance and Poisson tree process analyses of DNA barcode data are tested against morphometric and morphological characters including colour patterns. For species pairs separated by small K2P distances in COI sequence data we follow a… Expand
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