Review of the Rhopalothylacidae Guiart , 1935 ( Cestoda : Trypanorhyncha ) , with a description of the adult of Pintneriella musculicola Yamaguti , 1934 and a redescription of P . gymnorhynchoides ( Guiart , 1935 ) comb


The family Rhopalothylacidae (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) is reviewed. The type species, Rhopalothylax gymnorhynchoides Guiart, 1935, is redescribed from the type specimens and belongs within the genus Pintneriella Yamaguti, 1934, previously described only from the plerocercus. Rhopalothylax therefore becomes a junior synonym of Pintneriella. The adult of… (More)


3 Figures and Tables

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