Review of the Genus Filenchus Andrassy, 1954 and Descriptions of Six New Species (Nemata: Tylenchidae)

  title={Review of the Genus Filenchus Andrassy, 1954 and Descriptions of Six New Species (Nemata: Tylenchidae)},
  author={Dewey J. Raski and Etienne Geraert},
The genus Filenchus Andrassy, 1954 is reviewed. Close interrelationships indicate congeneric status of Ottolenchus Husain & Khan, 1965; Dactylotylenchus Wu, 1968; Lambertia Brzeski, 1977; Duosulcius Siddiqi, 1979; Zanenchus Siddiqi, 1979 and Discotylenchus Siddiqi, 1980 with Filenchus and are synonymized with Filenchus. The type species, Filenchus vulgaris (Brzeski, 1963) is proposed and an emended diagnosis is given for Filenchus, as well as a list of species, synopsis and key to species… Expand
Description of Basiria birjandiensis n. sp (Nematoda: Tylenchidae) from South Khorasan province with a checklist of the family Tylenchidae Örley 1880 from Iran.
A new species of Basiria and several known members of the family Tylenchidae are reported, associated with Ziziphus zizyphus in Iran, which is characterized by short body length and lip region with flat apex. Expand
Four nematode species of the infraorder Tylenchomorpha collected from the rhizosphere of different plants in Khouzestan province, southwestern Iran, and characterized morphologically and morphometrically are new records for the Iranian nematofauna. Expand
A review of Neotylenchoidea Thorne, 1941 (Nemata : Tylenchida)
The suborder Hex atylina is accepted with Neotylenchidae as the only family and Hexatylus as theonly genus, Deladenus, Gymnotylenchus, and Dorsalla are accepted in Allantonematoidea. Expand
Morphological and molecular data of two species of the rare genera Thada Thorne, 1941 and Tenunemellus Siddiqi, 1986 (Nematoda: Tylenchidae) from Iran.
Morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies of the new species using partial sequences of small subunit ribosomal DNA revealed that thenew species formed a clade with Malenchus spp. Expand
Morphological, morphometrical and molecular characterisation of Filenchus fungivorus n. sp., a fungivorous nematode from Japan in a most likely polyphyletic genus (Nematoda: Tylenchina)
A new species of fungus isolated from autumn bellflower in Japan and maintained on a fungus culture, characterised by combination of the following features: two lateral lines, short body, amphid aperture associated with characteristic depression, short ovary, undifferentiated spermatheca and absence of males. Expand
Morphological and molecular characterisation of Discotylenchus lorestanensis sp. n. (Nematoda: Tylenchidae) from Iran
The new species has unique molecular sequences of SSU and the D2–D3 region of LSU expansion segments, Discotylenchus lorestanensis sp. Expand
Discopersicus n. gen., a New Member of the Family Tylenchidae Örley, 1880 with Detailed SEM Study on Two Known Species of the Genus Discotylenchus Siddiqi, 1980 (Nematoda; Tylenchidae) from Iran.
Results confirmed longitudinal amphidial aperture type on lateral sides of the lip region in genus Discotylenchus, as noted by Siddiqi while erecting the genus with D. discretus as the type species. Expand
A new species of Malenchus (Nematoda: Tylenchomorpha) with an updated phylogeny of the Tylenchidae
Summary The family Tylenchidae is one of most abundant and diverse nematode groups found in soil habitats. In this study, a new species named Malenchus cylindricus sp. n. is described based on lightExpand
Nematodes associated with flowering ornamental plants in Mahallat, Iran
Morphological and morphometric variations that typified the Mahallat populations are given and discussed for certain nematode species. Expand
Description of Labrys fuzhouensis sp. n. and first record of Coslenchus rafiqi (Nematoda: Tylenchidae) from China
The 18S and 28S rRNA-based phylogenies suggest that the new species nested in the Labrys clade as sister to L. chinensis, and the novelty of L. fuzhouensis sp. Expand