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Review of the 2007 periodical literature related to the period since 1945 and relevant to the study of British economic and social history

  title={Review of the 2007 periodical literature related to the period since 1945 and relevant to the study of British economic and social history},
  author={H. Pemberton},


Men don’t wear velvet you know!: Fashionable gay masculinity and the shopping experience, London, 1950- early 1970s
This article uses a case study approach, informed by oral testimony, to explore the relationship between fashion, gay masculinity and shopping, through the expereinces of three men during the 1950sExpand
The Eurovision song contest: is voting political or cultural?
We analyze the voting behavior and ratings of judges in a popular song contest held every year in Europe since 1956. The dataset makes it possible to analyze the determinants of success, and gives aExpand
'If We Depart from These Conditions…': Trade Union Reactions to European Immigrant Workers in the Textile Industry C. 1946–1952
Trade union attitudes towards European immigrants have rarely been studied in a post-war context. As a response to this, this article focuses on trade union reactions to European workers in theExpand
A Close and Practical Association with the Medical Profession: Scottish Medical Social Workers and Social Medicine, 1940–1975
This study is concerned with the development of the profession of almoner (renamed medical social worker in the 1960s) in Scotland in the period from the outbreak of the Second World War until the mid-1970s and offers an insight into the dynamics of professional politics. Expand
A Crisis of Legitimacy: The Conservative Party Leadership of John Major
This article evaluates the insecurity of tenure that John Major suffered as leader of the Conservative party. It offers a chronological narrative that demonstrates that for the duration of his tenureExpand
A Historical Exploration of the Personalisation of Politics in the Print Media: The British Prime Ministers (1945–1999)
This article examines the historical evolution of the personalisation of politics in the print media. Analysis of The Times from 1945 to 1999 demonstrates, firstly, that there has been a positiveExpand
A Most Special Relationship: The Origins of Anglo-American Nuclear Strike Planning
  • K. Young
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Cold War Studies
  • 2007
This article examines a hitherto unexplored aspect of the Anglo-American special relationship, the development of arrangements to coordinate U.S. and British forces in a joint nuclear strike againstExpand
A vision of Britain through time: online access to “statistical heritage”
Statistics are not just for statisticians: planners, historians, schoolchildren and those researching their ancestry all want access to the records of the past. Humphrey Southall explains how dataExpand
Accommodating ‘Mrs. Three‐in‐One’: homemaking, home entertaining and domestic advice literature in post‐war Britain
This article analyses the effects of the ‘servant problem’, meaning the contraction of the domestic service industry in the twentieth century, as represented in domestic advice literature (etiquette,Expand