Review of precision rice hill-drop drilling technology and machine for paddy

  title={Review of precision rice hill-drop drilling technology and machine for paddy},
  author={Zhang Minghua and Wang Zaiman and Xiwen Luo and Ying Zang and Yang Wenwu and Xingang He and Wang Baolong and Dai Yizheng},
  journal={International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering},
Mechanized rice direct seeding is a cost-effective and efficient approach for rice cultivation. Recently, the use of rice direct seeding has been increasing rapidly owing to rural labour shortages and continuous increases in agricultural production costs. This article reviews the research and application progress of mechanized rice direct seeding including direct seeding technologies, precision rice seeding, precision rice seed-metering devices, key supporting agronomy technologies for… 
In order to meet the requirements of rice field precision direct seeding in rows and hills, a spiral grooved seed metering device for rice field precision direct seeding in hills is designed. The
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The results showed that the lodging index was significantly affected by the treatments with ditches, and increased rice lodging resistance is related to root traits.
Design and experimental analysis of rice pneumatic seeder with adjustable seeding rate
To adapt to the diversity of hybrid rice and meet its requirements of precision seeding, a rice pneumatic seeder with adjustable seeding rates was designed in this study. The seeder employed an
Experimental study on the correlation between hill direct seeding rate and field seedling rate of typical rice varieties in cold areas
In order to examine the relationship between the seeding rate of a hill-direct-seeding machine and seedling rate in field, six rice varieties typical for cold areas were selected to conduct the
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Development of agriculture mechanization in Sambas Regency is needed in order to support the increased of rice production. Technically, agricultural mechanization is expected to increase the
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Evaluating system of rice intensification using a modified transplanter: A smart farming solution toward sustainability of paddy fields in Malaysia
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Determinants of the Level of Awareness, Acceptance and Utilization of Precision Rice Seeding System and Its Benefits Among Farmer-Users in Northern Luzon, Philippines
Precision Rice Seeding System (PRSS) is a system of planting rice with the use of a precision rice seeder (PRS). The PRSS was initially introduced to rice farmers in Cagayan Valley Region,
To improve the adaptability and precision of the slider-hole-wheel seed-metering device to meet the requirements of precision sowing, the single factor simulation experiments and the three factors


Precision rice hill-direct-seeding technology and machine based on the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomic technology.
Based on the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy technology,the technologies and machines of precision rice hill-direct-seeding with "row and hill" and "furrow and ridge",precision
Development of a Precision Seeder for Direct Seeding of Rice on Dry Paddy
In order to save labor and cost, direct seeding has been considered as an important alternative to the machine transplanting in rice cultivation. Current direct seeding machines for rice in Korea
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In order to save labor and cost, direct seeding has been considered as an important alternative to the machine transplanting in rice cultivation. As current seeders for direct seeding of rice seeds
Benefits of mechanized deep placement of nitrogen fertilizer in direct-seeded rice in South China
Enhancing the Performance of Direct Seeded Fine Rice by Seed Priming
All the priming techniques improved crop stand establishment, growth, yield and quality except traditional soaking, which resulted in impaired germination and seedling establishment that ended in reduced kernel yield and lower harvest index than that of control.
Improving water use efficiency in rice irrigation through wet-seeding
Since the early-1960's, when modern rice production technologies became available, more than 90% of the total irrigation water developed in south and southeast Asia is used for rice culture. But
Management of direct seeded rice for enhanced resource - use efficiency
Rice (Oryza sativa), the staple food of more than half of the population of the world, is an important target to provide food security and livelihoods for millions. Imminent water crisis,
A Review of Iron-Coating Technology to Stabilize Rice Direct Seeding onto Puddled Soil
Transplanting is a widely practiced traditional plant establishment method for rice (Oryza sativa L.) production in Asia. To reduce costs, there is a desire to change the method from transplanting to
Design and experiment of pneumatic cylinder-type precision direct seed-metering device for rice
With the adjustment of social industrial structure and the rising cost of rural labor, especially the lack of freshwater resources, rice direct seeding is characterized by cost-saving advantages