Review of medical data analysis based on spiking neural networks

  title={Review of medical data analysis based on spiking neural networks},
  author={X. Li and L. Wang and D. Zhao},
: Medical data mainly includes various biomedical signals and medical images, and doctors can make judgments on the physical condition of patients through medical data. However, the interpretation of medical data requires a lot of labor costs and may be misjudged, so many scholars use neural networks and deep learning to classify and study medical data, thereby improving doctors' work efficiency and accuracy, achieving early detection of diseases and early diagnosis, so it has a wide range of… 



Energy efficient ECG classification with spiking neural network

ECG-based Heartbeat Classification in Neuromorphic Hardware

A hardware setup is proposed that enables the always-on monitoring of ECG signals into wearables and shows an overall classification accuracy of 95% on the PhysioNet Arrhythmia Database provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Beth Israel Hospital.

Power-Accuracy Trade-Offs for Heartbeat Classification on Neural Networks Hardware

This paper evaluates the SNN-based heartbeat classification using publicly available ECG database of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Beth Israel Hospital, and demonstrates a minimal loss in accuracy when compared to 85.92% accuracy of a CNN-based hearbeat classification.

ECG Classification Algorithm Based on STDP and R-STDP Neural Networks for Real-Time Monitoring on Ultra Low-Power Personal Wearable Devices

A novel ECG classification algorithm for inclusion as part of real-time cardiac monitoring systems in ultra low-power wearable devices is presented, based on spiking neural networks which are the third generation of neural networks.

Breast Cancer Recognition Using Saliency-Based Spiking Neural Network

A reservoir spiking neural network is used for breast cancer image recognition by using the saliency feature extraction, entropy-based time encoding, and network optimization to improve the reservoir SNN performance.

Evolutionary learning of spiking neural networks towards quantification of 3D MRI brain tumor tissues

The results show the ability of spiking classifier with iterative training using genetic algorithm to automatically and simultaneously recover tissue-specific structural patterns and achieve segmentation of tumor part.

Discrimination of EMG Signals Using a Neuromorphic Implementation of a Spiking Neural Network

A neuromorphic implementation of a spiking neural network (SNN) to extract spatio-temporal information of EMG signals locally and classify hand gestures with very low power consumption is proposed.