Review of coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using Dacron graft material.

  title={Review of coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using Dacron graft material.},
  author={Jerome A Goldberg and W Viglione and William James Kenneth Cumming and F S Waddell and P A Ruz},
  journal={The Australian and New Zealand journal of surgery},
  volume={57 7},
Operative management of Grade III acromioclavicular dislocations in young, active patients is a controversial issue with regard to operative management. Nine patients with complete dislocation (Allman Grade III) of the acromioclavicular joint who had undergone reconstruction of the coracoclavicular ligament with woven Dacron arterial grafts were reviewed clinically, radiologically and functionally utilizing an isokinetic dynamometer. Average follow-up was 2 years and 7 months. All results were… CONTINUE READING


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