Review of complications due to foramen ovale puncture

  title={Review of complications due to foramen ovale puncture},
  author={Metin Kaplan and Fatih Erol and Mehmet Faik Ozveren and Cahide Topsakal and Ibrahim Tekdemir},
  journal={Journal of Clinical Neuroscience},
We aim to evaluate the mechanisms responsible for complications during trigeminal rhizotomy via foramen ovale puncture. Ten dry skulls and 10 skull-base specimens were investigated in the present study. In cadaveric skull-base specimens, the anatomical relationships between the foramen ovale, mandibular nerve and Gasserian ganglion and the surrounding neurovascular structures were investigated intradurally. The distance between the foramen ovale and Gasserian ganglion was measured as 6 mm. The… CONTINUE READING


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