Review of Prisoners, Lovers, & Spies by Kristie Macrakis

  title={Review of Prisoners, Lovers, \& Spies by Kristie Macrakis},
  author={John F. Dooley},
  pages={107 - 112}
  • J. Dooley
  • Published 2 January 2016
  • History
  • Cryptologia
Kristie Macrakis is a Professor in the School of History, Technology, and Society at Georgia Tech. Dr. Macrakis earned her PhD in the history of science at Harvard. For her fifth book, Macrakis has written an interesting and accessible work on the history of steganography in general and of invisible inks in particular. The book takes the reader from ancient Rome and the love poems of Ovid to modern chemical inks and computer-based ‘‘image steganography.’’ It includes an extensive bibliography… 
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Data hiding techniques in steganography using fibonacci sequence and knight tour algorithm

This newly developed method for embedding secret message into an image is demonstrated to increase the security and capacity to resolve the existing problems and good PSNR value with high capacity is shown.

Multicomponent reactions provide key molecules for secret communication

The Ugi four-component reaction of perfluorinated acids is utilized to establish an exemplary database consisting of 130 commercially available components to create a library of 500,000 molecular keys for encryption and decryption.



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Foreword Preface Chapter 1. Steps to War The Signal Corps The War in Europe Two Captains Small Steps by the Signal Corps The First Shots in the Intelligence War An Early Test South of the Border

Trends in steganography

Methods for embedding secret data are more sophisticated than their ancient predecessors, but the basic principles remain unchanged.

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