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Review of P. Sweeney, Ireland’s Economic Success: reasons and lessons

  title={Review of P. Sweeney, Ireland’s Economic Success: reasons and lessons},
  author={Graham Brownlow},
  journal={The Economic History Review},
Ireland’s low corporation tax: the case for tax coordination in the Union
Ireland has been an innovator in using taxation as a tool for industrial policy, by attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) with low taxes on corporate profits. This article outlines theExpand
Fabricating Economic Development
Much of the literature, regardless of academic discipline, presents the publication of Economic Development in 1958 as analogous to a “big bang” event in the creation of modern Ireland. However, suchExpand
What’s Consuming Ireland? Exploring expressed attitudes and reported behaviours towards the environment and sustainable consumption across three case study sites on the island of Ireland
Household consumption levels are escalating across the island of Ireland. Although emissions from transport and construction sectors have experienced a temporary decrease due to the economicExpand
A Critical Reflection on Irish Industrial Policy: A Strategic Choice Approach
Abstract This paper offers a critical evaluation of recent Irish industrial policy (IP) experience. It argues that whilst Ireland managed to get some things “right” through its IP, substantialExpand
Social Networks and Labour Market Access among Brazilian Migrants in Ireland
This paper investigates migrant access to employment using concepts from Granovetter [1973. “The Strength of Weak Ties.” American Journal of Sociology 78 (6): 1360–1380; Granovetter, M. 1983. “TheExpand
The Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act of 2001 : its effects and the implications for workers and trade unions in Ireland
This thesis concerns the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act of 2001, its effects on workers and implications for trade unions in Ireland. The legislation provides a means of resolving theExpand
Let’s accept a smaller slice of a shrinking cake. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Irish public sector unions in crisis
At the time of writing, Irish unions are balloting their members about a new collective bargaining agreement for the public sector (Labour Relations Commission 2013). If a majority of union membersExpand
Tracing the Path to “Tiger Hood”: Ireland's Move From Protectionism to Outward Looking Economic Development
Until very recently, Ireland was spoken of in very adulatory terms, to the point of being dubbed the “Celtic Tiger.” However, the tiger is no more, having been consumed by a property-led boom, theExpand
Who fears to speak in the new Europe? Plurilingualism and alterity
Language difference has become a public focus of debates around the alleged failure of European policies on multiculturalism. Integration into the dominant host language of the community is seen asExpand
The Trade Unions: From Partnership to Crisis
The Irish model of social partnership was once hailed as a success story for other countries to emulate. According to its supporters, the unions avoided marginalisation and devised a strategy toExpand