Review of Multibody Charm Analyses

  title={Review of Multibody Charm Analyses},
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Meson spectra using Nikiforov-Uvarov method

Big Bang nucleosynthesis in a weakly non-ideal plasma

We propose a correction of the standard Big Bang nucleosynthesis (BBN) scenario to resolve the primordial lithium problem by considering a possibility that the primordial plasma can deviate from the

Influence of Centrality Definition and Detector Efficiency on the Net-Proton Kurtosis

We study the influence of the centrality definition and detector efficiency on the net-proton kurtosis for minimum bias Au+Au collisions at a beam energy of $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}= 7.7$ GeV by using

Light Scalars and the Koto Anomaly.

We show that the recent excess presented by KOTO in their search for K_{L}→π^{0}νν[over ¯] may be due to weakly coupled scalars produced from Kaon decays. We study two concrete realizations, the

Phenomenology of the partially aligned 2HDM with leptonic meson decays

In this paper we present a phenomenological analysis of the Partially Aligned Two Higgs Doublet Model (PA-2HDM) by using leptonic decays of mesons and [Formula: see text]–[Formula: see text] mixing.

Neutral pion and η meson production at midrapidity in Pb-Pb collisions at sNN=2.76 TeV

Author(s): Acharya, S; Acosta, FT; Adamova, D; Adolfsson, J; Aggarwal, MM; Aglieri Rinella, G; Agnello, M; Agrawal, N; Ahammed, Z; Ahn, SU; Aiola, S; Akindinov, A; Al-Turany, M; Alam, SN;

Magnetic moments of pentaquark states in light-cone sum rules

  • U. Özdem
  • Physics
    The European Physical Journal A
  • 2022



I and J

Et al

A large population-based survey of veterans and nondeployed controls found evidence of a deployment-related Gulf War syndrome by factor analysis in Air Force veterans and controls.

Belle Collab.)

  • Phys. Rev. D81,
  • 2010

See the note on Kinematics in this Review . 5 . E . P . Wigner

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