Review of Dual Watermarking on Digital Image

  title={Review of Dual Watermarking on Digital Image},
  author={Etti Mathur and Manish Mathuria and Mauro Barni and Franco Bartolini and Vito Cappellini and lessandro Piva and Ranjeet Kumar Singh and Dilip Kumar Shaw and M. J. Alam and P. K. Sharma and Frank Hartung and Martin KutterJuly},
Digital Image Security is still or recent topic of research in computer science engineering. Images are sharing very frequently from one device to another device. Due to this functionality and features it is very complicated situation for all of the application users because users share their personal images publically. A very unsolvable problem is still there is no appropriate method for image security to identify ownership with the image sharing tool over the internet. The digital image… CONTINUE READING