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Review of Data Mining Techniques in Cloud Computing Database

  title={Review of Data Mining Techniques in Cloud Computing Database},
  author={Astha Pareek and Manish Gupta},
Data mining is the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data. It is the extraction of information from huge volume of data or set through the use of various data mining techniques. The data mining techniques like clustering, classification, neural network, genetic algorithms help in finding the hidden and previously unknown information from the database. Cloud Computing is a web-based technology whereby the resources are provided as… 
Data mining techniques and algorithms in cloud environment a review
This paper provides a review of various data mining techniques and different types of algorithms in cloud computing which can be used for resource sharing.
Analysis of Data in Cloud Computing Environments
This paper aims to analyze the large amount by using the three main association rule mining techniques support, confidence and lift/importance and also provide the high privacy to all the cloud owner or provider using the hash function in cloud computing environments with zero percentage of data leakage.
Data mining in Cloud Computing
Data mining is the way to perceive irregularities, designs, and interactions within large data sets. People will be able to use technology to increase sales, reduce costs, improve user relations,
A Review on Data Mining Algorithms for Cloud Services
This paper surveys some data mining methods in their actual nature and modifications made in their algorithms for better output in their performance.
A Review on Data Mining Algorithms in Cloud Environment
Data and information are basis for today’s industrial and day to day applications of almost every domain. The volume of data for most of human friendly applications is generally enormous in nature
A distributed k-mean clustering algorithm for cloud data mining
A survey is introduced for cloud data storage, and their cluster analysis for utilizing the data into various business intelligence applications and a new model of cluster analysis of data is proposed which provides the clustering as service.
A Survey on Association Rule Mining in Cloud Computing
This survey provides the related research results and also explored the future directions about data mining in cloud computing environment, and it is a good reference for researcher on this topic.
A Review on Workflow Management System for Scalable Data Mining on Clouds
Cloud computing provides flexible services, large performance and scalable data storage to a large and everyday increasing number of users. Clouds enlarged the offer of distributed computing systems
Challenges and Benefits of Deploying Big Data Analytics in the Cloud for Business Intelligence
It is argued that cloud computing can support the storage and computing requirements of big data analytics, enabling businesses to improve decision-making processes and highlight the issues and risks that should be addressed when using a so called CLaaS, cloud-based service model.
A Critical Review of SQL-Based Mining Relational Database
  • Yuexiao Teng
  • International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering
  • 2021
Mining database aims to discover hidden, yet potentially useful knowledge in database and it has many applications. SQL-based mining relational database is one of its branches, which takes advantage


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This work proposes the notion of large items, i.e., items contained in some minimum fraction of transactions in a cluster, to measure the similarity of a cluster of transactions.
Moving To The Cloud: Developing Apps in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (ISSN (print)
  • New World of Cloud Computing,
  • 2012
Computing in the Clouds Networker
  • Computing in the Clouds Networker
  • 2007
Clustering transactions using large items, in „CIKM ‟99
  • Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management‟,
  • 1999