Review for NCCAM Is Overdue

  title={Review for NCCAM Is Overdue},
  author={Donald M Marcus and Arthur P. Grollman},
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Political influences and the basic structure of The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine have compromised its quality. 
In Defense of NCCAM
Counterpoint: The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has successfully met the challenge of conducting difficult and controversial research.
Integrative oncology: really the best of both worlds?
A close examination of the methodologies indicates that, from a standpoint of basic science, the vast majority of 'integrative' treatments are supported by little, if any, scientific evidence.
An independent review of studies of ‘energy medicine’ funded by the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The aim was to review NCCAM-funded clinical trials of ‘energy medicine’ and found five RCTs with a low risk of bias showed no effect beyond placebo.
An independent review of NCCAM-funded studies of chiropractic
An independent and critical evaluation of 11 randomised clinical trials of chiropractic funded by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) found that their quality was frequently questionable and several RCTs failed to report adverse effects.
What is integrative oncology and can it help my patients?
Complementary and alternative medicine for the allergist-immunologist: where do I start?
‘The Science of CAIM: What's Next for Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medical Research?’
  • E. H. Logue
  • Medicine
    Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM
  • 2010
A symposium on the future of complementary, alternative and integrative medical research featuring nationally recognized speakers addressed the finding by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) that IRB's may be unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable with unconventional medical modalities thus apt to disapprove studies of those modalities.
Reports on Homeopathic therapy efficacy: A survey of two Brazilian newspapers
In conclusion, newspaper reporting of homeopathic efficacy is not compatible with the most update scientific evidence on the topic.
The Status of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Education in U.S. Physician Assistant Programs
The most common objectives of CAM education are learning to assess for CAM use, educating patients, and recognizing indications and contraindications while respecting patients' health beliefs and choices.
Why the NIH Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) should be abandoned.
It is concluded that the TACT is unethical, dangerous, pointless, and wasteful, and should be abandoned.


The Development of the Office of Alternative Medicine in the National Institutes of Health, 1991-1996
  • J. Young
  • Medicine
    Bulletin of the history of medicine
  • 1998
Des services de medecine alternative ont ete developpes dans les hopitaux pour le traitement des cancers, par l'Institut National de la Sante
Studying herbal remedies.
  • W. Sampson
  • Biology
    The New England journal of medicine
  • 2005
How plausible, Dr. Wallace Sampson asks, are claims that echinacea, or purple coneflower, a perennial that is native to North America, is an effective treatment for viral respiratory disease?
Senate Hears Testimony Supporting OAM
Supporters of the Office of Alternative Medicine, the National Institutes of Health9s (NIH9s) controversial outfit for testing unconventional therapies, are pushing vigorously in the opposite direction: OAM, they say, should get at least a 10-fold budget increase and be elevated to the status of a full-fledged NIH center.
Beefed-Up NIH Center Probes Unconventional Therapies
A federally funded $2.5 million clinical trial to test the efficacy of shark cartilage poses a dilemma for the National Institutes of Health, which has been given the responsibility to test
Stephen Straus's Impossible Job
Stephen Straus, the head of the National Institutes of Health's new National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, is facing what may be a superhuman task: evaluating unconventional treatments--and pleasing both believers and skeptics.
EDTA chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease: a systematic review
The best available evidence does not support the therapeutic use of EDTA chelation therapy in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and it is possible that the use of this therapy in lieu of proven therapy may result in causing indirect harm to the patient.
Implementing a research agenda for complementary and alternative medicine.
The public health questions regarding CAM can be addressed through a research agenda that defines which interventions have favorable therapeutic indices, and implementation of this agenda involves adequate characterization and standardization of the product or practice, with rigorous investigation to demonstrate its safety, mechanism of action, and efficacy.
Chelation therapy for coronary heart disease: An overview of all clinical investigations.
  • E. Ernst
  • Medicine, Psychology
    American heart journal
  • 2000
This systematic review of clinical evidence for or against the effectiveness and efficacy of chelation therapy for coronary heart disease concluded that this treatment should now be considered obsolete.
Americans' views on the use and regulation of dietary supplements.
A majority of Americans surveyed supported the following: to require that the Food and Drug Administration review the safety of new dietary supplements prior to their sale; to provide increased authority to remove from sale those products shown to be unsafe; and to increase government regulation to ensure that advertising claims about the health benefits of dietary supplements are true.
Chelation therapy for ischemic heart disease: a randomized controlled trial.
There is no evidence to support a beneficial effect of chelation therapy in patients with ischemic heart disease, stable angina, and a positive treadmill test for ischemia, and exercise capacity and quality of life scores improved by similar degrees in both groups.