Review for AI-based Open-Circuit Faults Diagnosis Methods in Power Electronics Converters

  title={Review for AI-based Open-Circuit Faults Diagnosis Methods in Power Electronics Converters},
  author={Chuang Liu and Lei Kou and Guowei Cai and Zihan Zhao and Zhe Zhang},
: Power electronics converters have been widely used in aerospace system, DC transmission, distributed energy, smart grid and so forth, and the reliability of power electronics converters has been a hotspot in academia and industry. It is of great significance to carry out power electronics converters open-circuit faults monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis to avoid secondary faults, reduce time and cost of operation and maintenance, and improve the reliability of power electronics system… 

Fault diagnosis of DAB converter based on Wavelet Packet-RBF Neural Network

A Wavelet Packet-RBF Neural Network based open circuit fault diagnosis method for DAB converter has the advantages of high accuracy and short diagnosis time, and the feasibility and the advanced nature of the proposed method are verified.

Review on Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance of Smart Offshore Wind Farms

  • Lei KouYang Li Wende Ke
  • Engineering
  • 2022
In recent years, with the development of wind energy, the number and scale of wind farms have been developing rapidly. Since offshore wind farms have the advantages of stable wind speed, being clean,



Logic-Based Methods for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Recovery in Power Electronics

This paper presents generalized logic-based methods for intelligent fault diagnosis in power electronic converters based on correlation between faults and basic measurements. Fault recovery is then

Application of random forests algorithm to fault diagnosis of power electronic circuit

Design details of random forest classifier and evaluating its performance is investigated and results indicate that the method can diagnose faults of three-phase rectifier effectively and obtain good diagnosis performance.

Study and Handling Methods of Power IGBT Module Failures in Power Electronic Converter Systems

Power electronics plays an important role in a wide range of applications in order to achieve high efficiency and performance. Increasing efforts are being made to improve the reliability of power

Fault diagnosis of three-parallel voltage-source converter for a high-power wind turbine

A fault detection method for the switch devices of three-parallel power converters in a wind-turbine system is presented. The proposed method utilises the measured three-phase currents ( i s a , i s

Fault Prognosis for Power Electronics Systems Using Adaptive Parameter Identification

This paper presents the design, implementation, and experimental validation of a method for fault prognosis for power electronics systems using an adaptive parameter identification approach. The

PWM-VSI Fault Diagnosis for a PMSM Drive Based on the Fuzzy Logic Approach

The proposed fuzzy-based fault diagnosis method for the VSI in the three-phase permanent-magnet synchronous motor drive can detect and locate not only the single or multiple open-circuit faults, but also the intermittent faults in power switches, which can improve the reliability of the motor drive system.

An IGBT Output Power-Based Diagnosis of Open-Circuit Fault in Inverter

It is of crucial importance for the running and maintenance of subway to diagnose the fault occurred in auxiliary inverter in time,especially,during the running of subway trains both security and

Fault diagnosis in grid‐connected PV NPC inverters by a model‐based and data processing combined approach

This study presents a fault detection and isolation (FDI) method for open-circuit faults in the switching devices of a grid-connected neutral-point-clamped (NPC) inverter for photovoltaic (PV) applications that is validated through experimental data from a practical PV system under single and simultaneous OCF conditions.

Fault Diagnosis and System Reconfiguration Strategy of a Single-Phase Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Cascaded Inverter

The proposed fault diagnosis method and system reconfiguration strategy is able to improve robustness and reliability of 3L-NPC-CI in the traction power supply system.