Review and Analysis of United States Mountaineering Accidents 1947-2018.

  title={Review and Analysis of United States Mountaineering Accidents 1947-2018.},
  author={Emma P DeLoughery and Thomas G. Deloughery},
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DeLoughery, Emma P. and Thomas G. DeLoughery. Review and Analysis of United States Mountaineering Accidents 1947-2018. High Alt Med Biol 00:000-000, 2022. Introduction: Given the popularity of mountaineering, it is important to better understand accidents related to this sport. We undertook this review of accidents to better understand the demographics and locations involved in mountaineering accidents over 71 years. Methods: Data collected from "Accidents in North American Mountaineering… 



Mountaineering fatalities on Denali.

Although mountaineering remains a high-risk activity, safety on Denali is improving and certain groups have a significantly higher chance of dying, registration systems and screening methods provide ways to target at-risk groups and improve safety on high altitude mountains such as Denali.

Mountaineering accidents in the Sierra Nevada

Morbidity and mortality may be lessened by proper climbing preparation—instruction in mountaineering techniques as well as basic mountain medicine—and by prevention of acute mountain sickness and cold injury.

Climbing Accidents—Prospective Data Analysis from the International Alpine Trauma Registry and Systematic Review of the Literature

It is found that climbing accidents are a rare event, since approximately 10% of all mountain accidents are climbing related, and Appropriate training, preparation and adherence to safety standards are key in reducing the incidence and severity of climbing accidents.

The epidemiology of mountaineering and rock climbing accidents

From 1981 through 1986, 43631 climbers registered for climbs in the Grand Teton National Park, USA. There were 108 climbing accidents. The accident incidence was 2.5 accidents per 1000 climbers per

Mortality in Via Ferrata Emergencies in Austria from 2008 to 2018

Although accidents in via ferratas are common and require significant rescue resources, fatal accidents are rare and the correct use of appropriate equipment in technically easy-to-climb routes can prevent the majority of these fatalities.

Avalanche fatalities in the western United States: a comparison of three databases

Reported avalanche fatalities in the United States increased markedly through the latter half of the twentieth century, a result of the increasing popularity of winter sports. Despite this increase,

Mountaineering and Rock-Climbing Accidents.

There were two accidents per 1,000 climbers per year in the Grand Teton National Park from 1970 to 1980, and this rate remained stable over the ten-year study period although the number of climbers increased.