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Review Report on Estimating the Back-End Cost of Business Software using ER diagram Artifact

  title={Review Report on Estimating the Back-End Cost of Business Software using ER diagram Artifact},
  author={Swayamprava Parida and Samaresh Mishra},
Accurate and timely cost estimation is an important software project management activity for a successful software development project. At the present time of business software development, the back- end development plays a very vital role along with in front-end development. The back-end cost of business software is generally depends on the database size and the structural size of individual data items. As software cost estimation is done in the early phase of software development, so the… Expand
Effort Estimation of Back-end Part of Software using Chaotically Modified Genetic Algorithm
An Evolutionary Learning (EL) based hybrid artificial neuron termed as dilationerosion perceptron (DEP) framework from the mathematical morphology having its foundation in complete lattice theory (CLT) for solving the SDEE problem is proposed. Expand


Software cost estimation through conceptual requirement
A multiple regression model based on entity relationship (ER) model is built and a new term, path complexity, is proposed based on path complexity and other factors, for software cost estimation. Expand
Early Stage Software Effort Estimation Using Function Point Analysis : Empirical Evidence S
  • 2013
Abstract—Software effort and cost estimation are necessary at the early stage of the software development life cycle for the project manager to be able to successfully plan for the software project.Expand
Estimation of effort based on back-end size of business software using er model
The size estimation is based on the structural complexity of ER diagram which includes the concepts of generalization/specialization, and aggregation as well as the semantic integrity constraints identified during conceptual design phase. Expand
Software Cost Estimation through Entity Relationship Model
The entity relationship model (ER Model) is very useful in requirement analysis for data concentrated systems and is based on estimated cost of software. Expand
Early Estimation of Back-End Software Development Effort
This work proposes four cost metrics based on the level of complexity of an ER diagram which are capable to predict total database complexity efficiently and shows that the developmental effort is directly proportional to the total entity complexity and its totaldatabase complexity. Expand
Empirical validation of relational database metrics for effort estimation
This paper presents an effort estimation model using statistical techniques that can be used by software development organizations and is flexible as it can measure effort with few database objects as well as with all database objects. Expand
Elementary structures in entity-relationship diagrams: a new metric for effort estimation
  • G. Kennedy
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 1996 International Conference Software Engineering: Education and Practice
  • 1996
A systematic treatment of the entity relationship diagram is described, resulting in the identification of three elementary data structures, shown to constitute a useful analytical and diagnostic tool for data modelling. Expand
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The aim of this book is to provide a Discussion of the Practice of Software Cost Estimation and its Applications to Agile Projects and New and to clarify the methodology behind the compilation of these estimates. Expand
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