Review-Essay : On the Rights and Philosophy of Children

  title={Review-Essay : On the Rights and Philosophy of Children},
  author={Vincenzo F. Dinicola},
  journal={Transcultural Psychiatry},
  pages={157 - 165}
Western intellectual tradition since the Enlightenment and in the evolution of the social sciences. Children, on the other hand, receive all too little attention and thought from adults. As a child psychiatrist, I am struck by how much there is to read about &dquo;childhood&dquo; and how little we actually understand and listen to children. In this reviewessay, I consider two books on children by professional philosophers. I would like to: (1) summarize David Archard’s argument on the rights of… 
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The age of adolescence, from twelve to eighteen years, hardly receives sufficient attention in medical literature; and yet it is in some respects of peculiar importance. It is the age of accelerated

Summary of Selected Results *

Chronic medical illness in the child as well as single parent status, living in a family on social assistance and residing in subsidized housing, were all strong indicators of increased rates of psychiatric disorders in children.

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