Review: The zeroeth Piaget

  title={Review: The zeroeth Piaget},
  author={Jeremy Trevelyan Burman},
  journal={Theory \& Psychology},
  pages={130 - 133}
On Kuhn’s case, and Piaget’s: A critical two-sited hauntology (or, On impact without reference)
  • J. Burman
  • Psychology
    History of the human sciences
  • 2020
This essay complexifies the understanding of both of Thomas Kuhn and Jean Piaget's legacies by presenting two sites for that haunting, one located by engaging Forrester’s argument that the connection between KuhN and psychoanalysis was direct, and the other located by uncovering Piagets early psychoanalytic ideas uncovered through their interaction with his early biology and subsequent turn to philosophy.