Reversing transmembrane electron flow: the DsbD and DsbB protein families.

  title={Reversing transmembrane electron flow: the DsbD and DsbB protein families.},
  author={Richard A Kimball and Laetitia Martin and Milton H. Saier},
  journal={Journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology},
  volume={5 3},
DsbD and DsbB are two proteins that in Escherichia coli catalyze transmembrane electron flow in opposite directions, thereby allowing reversible oxidoreduction of periplasmic dithiol/disulfide-containing proteins. We have identified all recognizable homologues of these two proteins in the databases and have conducted structural and phylogenetic analyses of the two families. The larger DsbD family is more diverse in sequence, topology, function and organismal distribution than the smaller DsbB… CONTINUE READING
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