Reversible decrease of oxygen consumption by hyperoxia.

  title={Reversible decrease of oxygen consumption by hyperoxia.},
  author={Konrad A Reinhart and Frank Bloos and Frank Koenig and Donald L. Bredle and L. Hannemann},
  volume={99 3},
The hemodynamic and metabolic effects of 90 minutes normobaric hyperoxia were studied in 20 critically ill patients (11 septic, 9 nonseptic) requiring mechanical ventilation with inspired O2 fraction (FIO2) less than 0.40. Thirty minutes after increasing the FIO2 to 1.0, arterial PO2 had increased from about 100 to about 400 mm Hg, and whole body oxygen uptake (VO2) was decreased 10 percent (p less than 0.05) due to an 18 percent decrease in O2 extraction ratio. During the subsequent 60 minutes… CONTINUE READING