Reversible angiopathy and encephalopathy after blood transfusion

  title={Reversible angiopathy and encephalopathy after blood transfusion},
  author={Amel Boughammoura and Emmanuel Touz{\'e} and Catherine Oppenheim and Denis Trystram and J R Perez Mas},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
Sirs: Neurological complications have rarely been described after blood transfusion [1, 2]. We report a case of reversible angiopathy and encephalopathy after a blood transfusion in a patient with chronic severe anaemia. Case report – A 48-year-old black woman with a 11-year history of schizophrenia was admitted in a psychiatric department on 16 January 2001 for dysthymic and behaviour disturbances. She had been receiving neuroleptics (haloperidol: Haldol® and cyamemamazine: Tercian®) and… CONTINUE READING
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