Reversible (de)protonation-induced valence inversion in mixed-valent diiron(II,III) complexes.

  title={Reversible (de)protonation-induced valence inversion in mixed-valent diiron(II,III) complexes.},
  author={Eric Gour{\'e} and Gr{\'e}gory Thiabaud and Micha{\"e}l Carboni and Nathalie Gon and Patrick Dubourdeaux and Ricardo Garc{\'i}a-Serres and Martin Cl{\'e}mancey and J L Oddou and Adeline Y. Robin and Lilian Jacquamet and Lionel Dubois and Genevi{\`e}ve Blondin and Jean-Marc Latour},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={50 14},
The coupling of electron and proton transfers is currently under intense scrutiny. This Communication reports a new kind of proton-coupled electron transfer within a homodinuclear first-row transition-metal complex. The triply-bridged complex [Fe(III)(μ-OPh)(μ(2)-mpdp)Fe(II)(NH(2)Bn)] (1; mpdp(2-) = m-phenylenedipropionate) bearing a terminal aminobenzyl… CONTINUE READING