Reversibility of cataracts in diabetes.


The article by Ramkumar and Basti: "Reversal of Bilateral Rosette Cataracts with Glycemic Control", published in TheScientificWorldJournal, Vol 8 1150-1151, describes the acute onset of a bilateral cataract related to the onset of diabetes, and the eventual reversal of the lens opacities after accomplishing a fall in blood glucose levels with insulin… (More)
DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2008.151


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@article{Sanz2008ReversibilityOC, title={Reversibility of cataracts in diabetes.}, author={Silvia Sanz and Juan G Lillo and Jorge Arruga}, journal={TheScientificWorldJournal}, year={2008}, volume={8}, pages={1148-9} }