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Reversal of resistance to vincristine in P388 leukemia by various polycyclic clinical drugs, with a special emphasis on quinacrine.

  title={Reversal of resistance to vincristine in P388 leukemia by various polycyclic clinical drugs, with a special emphasis on quinacrine.},
  author={Makoto Inaba and E. Maruyama},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={48 8},
  • Makoto Inaba, E. Maruyama
  • Published 1988
  • Medicine
  • Cancer research
  • We investigated several lipophilic drugs with a polycyclic structure for their effect on the net uptake of vincristine in vincristine-resistant P388 leukemia cells. Fourteen of 23 agents promoted vincristine uptake in the resistant cells. The net increase in vincristine uptake was caused by prevention of its outward transport rather than by stimulation of inward transport. Some of these drugs, e.g., quinacrine, dilazep, syrosingopine, simetride, etc., remarkably potentiated the cytotoxicity of… CONTINUE READING
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