Reversal of resistance to oxazaphosphorines.

  title={Reversal of resistance to oxazaphosphorines.},
  author={Jing Zhang and Quan Tian and Yi-zhun Zhu and An-long Xu and Shu-Feng Zhou},
  journal={Current cancer drug targets},
  volume={6 5},
The oxazaphosphorines including cyclophosphamide (CPA), ifosfamide (IFO) and trofosfamide are one important group of alkylating agents. However, resistance is the major hindrance for success of oxazaphosphorine chemotherapy. The mechanism of resistance to oxazaphosphorines is not fully identified, but recently some novel insights into these aspects have been generated by using sensitive analytical techniques and powerful pharmacogenetic techniques. Potential mechanisms for oxazaphosphorine… CONTINUE READING