Reversal of acetaminophen toxicity in isolated hamster hepatocytes by dithiothreitol.

  title={Reversal of acetaminophen toxicity in isolated hamster hepatocytes by dithiothreitol.},
  author={Lisa B G Tee and Alan R Boobis and Anthony C. Huggett and Donald Davies},
  journal={Toxicology and applied pharmacology},
  volume={83 2},
The toxicity of acetaminophen in freshly isolated hamster hepatocytes was investigated. Cells exposed to 2.5 mM acetaminophen for 90 min, followed by washing to completely remove unbound acetaminophen, and resuspension in fresh buffer, showed a dramatic decrease in viability over the ensuing 4.5 hr by which time only 4% of the cells could still exclude trypan blue. During the initial 90-min incubation, there was a substantial depletion of glutathione, to 19% of control values, covalent binding… CONTINUE READING
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