Reversal of a hallmark of brain ageing: lipofuscin accumulation

  title={Reversal of a hallmark of brain ageing: lipofuscin accumulation},
  author={Duane Barros Fonseca and Matt R. J. Sheehy and Norm Blackman and P. M. Shelton and Alison Elizabeth Prior},
  journal={Neurobiology of Aging},
The prospect of removing cellular deposits of lipofuscin is of considerable interest because they may contribute to age related functional decline and disease. Here, we use a decapod crustacean model to circumvent a number of problems inherent in previous studies on lipofuscin loss. We employ (a) validated lipofuscin quantification methods, (b) an in vivo context, (c) essentially natural environmental conditions and (d) a situation without accelerated production of residual material or (e… CONTINUE READING

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