Reversal of Catatonia with Midazolam

  title={Reversal of Catatonia with Midazolam},
  author={Larry V. McDonald and Barry I. Liskow},
We report a case of dramatic reversal of ca tato nic sym pto ms with a sing le dose of midazolam, an ultra short ac t ing parenteral benzodiazepine com monly used for procedure sedation. Mr. S. is a 50 yea r old Cauca sian male ad mit te d to th e Kan sas C ity VA Medica l C enter with a six week history of depressive sym ptoms culm ina t ing in a suicide attempt. He was initially placed on nortriptylin e 75 mg PO daily with som e im provement noted. Upon retu rn from a pa ss on e week aft er… CONTINUE READING

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Ca ta tonia Unex pected ly Reversed by Mid azola m ( letter )