Revenue Maximization in an Optical Router Node Using Multiple Wavelengths

  title={Revenue Maximization in an Optical Router Node Using Multiple Wavelengths},
  author={Murtuza Ali Abidini and Onno J. Boxma and Cor Hurkens and A. M. J. Koonen and Jacques Resing},
  • Murtuza Ali Abidini, Onno J. Boxma, +2 authors Jacques Resing
  • Published in VALUETOOLS 2019
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
  • In this paper, an optical router node with multiple wavelengths is considered. It is assumed that successful transmission of a packet of type j at station (= port) i of the router node gives a profit γij, but that there is also a positive probability that such a packet is dropped, causing a penalty &thetas;ij. This brings us to the formulation of a revenue optimization problem. Consider one fixed cycle, in which each station is assigned some visit time at one of the wavelengths. We aim to… CONTINUE READING

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