Revealing the true navigability of the Northern Sea Route from ice conditions and weather observations

  title={Revealing the true navigability of the Northern Sea Route from ice conditions and weather observations},
  author={Gleb Sibul and Peihao Yang and Dmitri Muravev and Jian Gang Jin and L. Kong},
  journal={Maritime Policy \& Management},
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Optimizing Transport Logistics under Uncertainty with Simheuristics: Concepts, Review and Trends

The simheuristics approaches to solving NP-hard and large-scale combinatorial optimization problems under uncertainty scenarios are discussed, as they frequently appear in real-life applications in logistics and transportation activities.



ECMWF global coupled atmosphere, ocean and sea-ice dataset for the Year of Polar Prediction 2017–2020

The Year Of Polar Prediction dataset of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) contains initial condition and forecast model output from the operational global, coupled numerical weather prediction system to support model forecast evaluation, predictability studies and model error analyses over polar areas.

A genetic algorithm for finding realistic sea routes considering the weather

This work implements a genetic algorithm to minimize the fuel consumption of a vessel taking into account the two most important influences of weather on a ship: the wind and the waves, and evaluates it with stochastic weather data to show that it can provide high-quality routes under real conditions even with uncertain weather forecasts.

The ERA5 global reanalysis

Within the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), ECMWF is producing the ERA5 reanalysis which, once completed, will embody a detailed record of the global atmosphere, land surface and ocean waves