Revealing role of the Korean Physics Society with keyword co-occurrence network

  title={Revealing role of the Korean Physics Society with keyword co-occurrence network},
  author={Seonbin Jo and Chanung Park and Jisung Yoon and Woo-Sung Jung},
  journal={Journal of the Korean Physical Society},
Science and society inevitably interact with each other and evolve together. Studying the trend of science helps recognize leading topics significant for research and establish better policies to allocate funds efficiently. Scholarly societies such as the Korean Physics Society (KPS) also play an important role in the history of science. Figuring out the role of these scholarly societies motivate our research related with our society since societies pay attention to improve our society. Although… 



Tracing the evolution of physics with a keyword co-occurrence network

This paper generates keyword co-occurrence networks from seven target physics fields and their initial keywords selected by experts from the Korean Physical Society to construct a more relevant and abundant keyword network from a small set of initial keywords.

Novel keyword co-occurrence network-based methods to foster systematic reviews of scientific literature

This work proposes a KCN-based approach that can be implemented prior to undertaking a systematic review to guide and accelerate the review process, and identifies the knowledge components, knowledge structure, and research trends that match with those discovered through a traditional systematic review of the nanoEHS field.

Measuring national capability over big science’s multidisciplinarity: A case study of nuclear fusion research

To explore the scientific effects of tokamaks, a country’s research capability in nuclear fusion research is mapped with normalized revealed comparative advantage on five topical clusters—material, plasma, device, diagnostics, and simulation—detected through a dynamic topic model.

Extracting the multiscale backbone of complex weighted networks

A filtering method is defined that offers a practical procedure to extract the relevant connection backbone in complex multiscale networks, preserving the edges that represent statistically significant deviations with respect to a null model for the local assignment of weights to edges.

The Science of Science

SciSci has revealed choices and trade-offs that scientists face as they advance both their own careers and the scientific horizon, and offers a deep quantitative understanding of the relational structure between scientists, institutions, and ideas, which facilitates the identification of fundamental mechanisms responsible for scientific discovery.

Types of Scientific Publications

Different ways of identification of publications such as International Standard Book Number, International Standard Serial Number, Library of Congress Control Number and Digital Object Identifier are introduced.

Et al

A large population-based survey of veterans and nondeployed controls found evidence of a deployment-related Gulf War syndrome by factor analysis in Air Force veterans and controls.

South Korea Scrambles to Fill Ph.D. Slots

This month Seoul National University (SNU), long considered the country's most prestigious university, failed to fill its quota of graduate slots for the new semester, and would have fallen short even if it had accepted every applicant.