Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015

  title={Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015},
  author={Nic Newman and David A. L. Levy and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen},
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This year's report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 20,000 online news consumers in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Japan and Australia. [...] Key Result This year's data shows a quickening of the pace towards social media platforms as routes to audiences, together with a surge in the use of mobile for news, a decline in the desktop internet and significant growth in video news consumption online.Expand
How digital converges cross-media news typologies across countries: a comparative study of news consumption in Estonia and Portugal
In this article we argue for the relevance of the internet in the convergence of news consumption in cross-country research in Estonia and Portugal. Being different in their histories and mediaExpand
Online News Video Consumption
Online news video is becoming increasingly prominent in the websites of news organizations and social media platforms. Given that we have limited knowledge on online news video use, this studyExpand
Investing in Online Video News
Research on news organizations’ approach to digital media in the 1990s and 2000s generally found that most organizations adopted a defensive approach. Since then, both digital media and newsExpand
What Journalists Share: A Comparative Study of the National Press Corps in Australia and Germany
This work-in-progress paper presents a comparative analysis of the news sharing choices of members of the Australian and German national press corps, showing considerably different selection patterns. Expand
Auditing local news presence on Google News.
It is found that, unless consumers are searching specifically for topics of local interest, national outlets dominate search results, and features correlated with local supply and demand are not related to the likelihood of finding a local news outlet. Expand
Mapping and Explaining Media Quality: Insights from Switzerland’s Multilingual Media System
In this article, we analyse how various macro- and meso-level factors influence news media’s provision of hard news, an important element of media quality. The research draws on a content analysis ofExpand
Journalism and the political structure
Abstract This article assumes a media system perspective on the local news media structure in Norway, using a dataset of 847,487 news articles collected from 156 Norwegian news outlets in 2015–2017.Expand
‘Just the way my generation reads the news’: News consumption habits of youth in Turkey and the UK
Audiences’ media use and news consumption behaviour are constantly shifting. Some scholars note that the growing decline in youth’s news consumption raises concerns about the future of democracy inExpand
Social Media Help Me Distinguish between Truth and Lies’: News Consumption in the Polarised and Low-trust Media Landscape of Greece
ABSTRACT How do citizens in countries with weak institutions and highly disrupted media landscapes navigate news? We examine a typical South European case, Greece, via cross-national data sets.Expand
Facebook News Use During the 2017 Norwegian Elections—Assessing the Influence of Hyperpartisan News
ABSTRACT The paper at hand presents a comparative study on news use in relation to media content as posted to Facebook by a series of established and hyperpartisan media outlets during the 2017Expand


Editorial email newsletters: The medium is not the only message
An analysis of the content, business models, trends, advantages and limitations of the growing number of editorial email newsletters. The study, based on analysis and interviews with leading outlets,Expand
The rise of fact-checking sites in Europe
The new millennium has seen the rise and rapid global spread of what can fairly be called a new democratic institution, the independent political fact-checker. The first organisations dedicated toExpand
Media Representations of Climate Change: A Meta-Analysis of the Research Field
A flurry of studies in recent years has analyzed the role of media in climate change communication. This article provides a systematic, large-scale, and up-to-date overview of the objects andExpand
The Populist Zeitgeist
  • C. Mudde
  • Sociology
  • Government and Opposition
  • 2004
Abstract Since the 1980s the rise of so-called ‘populist parties’ has given rise to thousands of books, articles, columns and editorials. This article aims to make a threefold contribution to theExpand
The Public and News about the Environment
  • Something Old, Something New: Digital Media and the Coverage of Climate Change
  • 2016
The Public and News about the Environment’, in J
  • Painter (ed.), Something Old, Something New: Digital Media and the Coverage of Climate Change, Oxford: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. 24–36.
  • 2016
Comparing Media Systems: Three Models of Press and Politics
  • 2004
Beyond the Article: Frontiers of Editorial and Commercial Innovation
    Kantar Media), Brand and Trust in a Fragmented News Environment
      News Alerts and the Battle for Lockscreen