Reuse research and development: is it on the right track?

  title={Reuse research and development: is it on the right track?},
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In today marketplace, the competitive software developing shop is the one that can reduce produce delivery time, increase diversity of the product enhance interoperability, and conform to standardization of components. In the past decade, software reuse gradually has started coming into the main stream of research and practice as a viable subfield of software engineering. Reuse practice has a great potential, more than many other on-going activities in software to improve software development… 
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Reuse R&D: gap between theory and practice
Far too few software organizations and schools consider systematic reuse as a key part of their programs, and recent developments do not incorporate key learning from the reuse community.
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A generic adaptive reuse framework for the incremental development of comprehensive and applicable reuse models is proposed and has been embedded into a rudimentary process model, both framework and process model are open for adaptation.
Supporting component-based software development with active component repository systems
This dissertation advocates a paradigm shift from development-with-reuse to reuse-within-development, which views reuse as an integral part of software development, and component repository systems as information systems that augment programmers' insufficient knowledge about reusable components and assist them in accomplishing their tasks.
Managing product line asset bases
Product lines are predicated on collecting assets common to the desired product portfolio, commonly known as the asset base. For many product lines, the size of asset base has become large enough to


Measuring software reuse - principles, practices, and economic models
This book explains how Reuse Metrics Works as an Overall Indicator, and a Method to Quantify Total Life-Cycle Reuse, and how to Measure Reuse Across the Life Cycle.
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