Retrovirus in salivary glands from patients with Sjögren's syndrome.

  title={Retrovirus in salivary glands from patients with Sj{\"o}gren's syndrome.},
  author={Seichii Yamano and Jean-Marie Renard and Fumio Mizuno and Yoshiyasu Narita and Yoshihito Uchida and Hiroyuki Higashiyama and Hiroyuki Sakurai and Ichiro Saito},
  journal={Journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={50 3},
AIMS To investigate the possibility of an immune response to retroviral antigens or of detecting retrovirus in Sjögren's syndrome. METHODS Retroviruses were sought in labial salivary glands and peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with Sjögren's syndrome by immunoblotting assay, immunohistochemical assay, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), reverse transcriptase (RT) activity assay, and transmission electron microscopy. RESULTS Sera from five of 15 patients with Sjögren's syndrome… CONTINUE READING


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