Retroviral integration: Site matters


Here,we reviewgenomic targetsiteselectionduring retroviral integrationasamultistepprocess inwhichspecificbiasesare introducedateach level.Thefirstasymmetriesare introduced whenthevirus takesaspecific route into thenucleus.Next,by co-optingdistincthostcofactors, the integrationmachinery is guided toparticular chromatincontexts.As theviral integrase captures a local target nucleosome, specific contacts introduce fine-grained biases in the integration site distribution. In vivo, the established population of proviruses is subject to both positive and negative selection, thereby continuously reshaping the integration site distribution. By affecting stochastic proviral expression as well as the mutagenic potential of the virus, integration site choice may be an inherent part of the evolutionary strategies used by different retroviruses to maximise reproductive success.

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