Retroviral Superantigens and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

  title={Retroviral Superantigens and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus},
  author={Vincent J. Murphy and Leonard C. Harrison and William A. Rudert and Patrizia Luppi and Massimo Trucco and Alessandra Fierabracci and P. A. Biro and Gian Franco Bottazzo},
Matters Arising diagnosed for less than three weeks), and four healthy Retroviral Superantigens and Type 1 adult controls. All subjects were of Caucasoid extrac-Diabetes Mellitus tion. RT-PCRs, with the Conrad et al. (1997) protocol and reagents, generated a band of the expected size (489 bp) for IDDMK 1,2 22 with U3-R-poly(A) primer from In 1994, Conrad et al. reported initial results that rekin-all samples, but in both the presence and absence of dled the debate about the involvement of an… CONTINUE READING