Retrospective dosimetry for Latvian workers at Chernobyl.

  title={Retrospective dosimetry for Latvian workers at Chernobyl.},
  author={Nina Mironova-Ulmane and Andrejs Pavlenko and T. J. Zvagule and Tobias K{\"a}rner and Rūta Brūvere and A Volrate},
  journal={Radiation protection dosimetry},
  volume={96 1-3},
Between 1986 and 1991 approximately 6500 Latvian inhabitants were recruited for clean-up work at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Their absorbed doses are usually unknown, because less than half of them had their external exposure officially documented. Clinical investigations show a high morbidity rate for these clean-up workers when compared with that of the general population. In order to understand the causes of their diseases and the impact of ionising radiation, electron spin resonance… CONTINUE READING