Retroflexion of Voiced Stops: Data from Dhao, Thulung, Afar and German

  title={Retroflexion of Voiced Stops: Data from Dhao, Thulung, Afar and German},
  author={S. Hamann and S. Fuchs},
  journal={Language and Speech},
  pages={181 - 216}
  • S. Hamann, S. Fuchs
  • Published 2010
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Language and Speech
  • The present article illustrates that the specific articulatory requirements for voiced alveolar or dental stops can cause tongue tip retraction and tongue mid lowering and thus retroflexion of voiced front coronals. This retroflexion is shown to have occurred diachronically in the three typologically unrelated languages Dhao (Malayo-Polynesian), Thulung (Sino-Tibetan), and Afar (East Cushitic). In addition to the diachronic cases, we provide synchronic data for retroflexion from an articulatory… CONTINUE READING
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