Retrodirective Frequency Diverse Array Focusing for Wireless Information and Power Transfer

  title={Retrodirective Frequency Diverse Array Focusing for Wireless Information and Power Transfer},
  author={Wen-qin Wang},
  journal={IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications},
  • Wen-qin Wang
  • Published 1 January 2019
  • Business
  • IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) has so far mainly relied on a phased-array antenna, but only angle-focusing capability without range focusing can be achieved for phased-array antennas. In this paper, we depart from the phased-array antenna and propose the use of retrodirective frequency diverse array (FDA) focusing in base station for long-range WIPT applications. In the retrodirective FDA focusing, an additional small frequency offset is added across the phase… 

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