Retrocaval ureter and associated abnormalities

  title={Retrocaval ureter and associated abnormalities},
  author={Petros S Perimenis and Kostis Gyftopoulos and Anastasios A Athanasopoulos and Vasilios G Pastromas and George A. Barbalias},
  journal={International Urology and Nephrology},
Objective. To investigate the association of retrocaval ureter with other congenital abnormalities.Methods and patients. Two new cases of retrocaval ureter are discussed and a detailed electronic search of the literature was mainly focused on the concomitant abnormalities. The first of our patients had also a glandular hypospadias and a supernumerary lumbar vertebra, while the second one had syndactylia (fixed toes) in both feet.Results. The review of the literature revealed that 21% of the… CONTINUE READING