Retrieval-Enhanced Adversarial Training for Neural Response Generation

  title={Retrieval-Enhanced Adversarial Training for Neural Response Generation},
  author={Qingfu Zhu and Lei Cui and W. Zhang and Furu Wei and Yi-ning Chen and T. Liu},
  • Qingfu Zhu, Lei Cui, +3 authors T. Liu
  • Published in ACL 2019
  • Computer Science
  • Dialogue systems are usually built on either generation-based or retrieval-based approaches, yet they do not benefit from the advantages of different models. [...] Key Method Distinct from existing approaches, the REAT method leverages an encoder-decoder framework in terms of an adversarial training paradigm, while taking advantage of N-best response candidates from a retrieval-based system to construct the discriminator. An empirical study on a large scale public available benchmark dataset shows that the REAT…Expand Abstract
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