Retransmission schemes for end-to-end failover with transport layer multihoming

  title={Retransmission schemes for end-to-end failover with transport layer multihoming},
  author={Armando L. Caro and Paul D. Amer and Randall R. Stewart},
  journal={IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 2004. GLOBECOM '04.},
  pages={1341-1347 Vol.3}
We previously evaluated five retransmission schemes in non-failure scenarios for transport protocols that support multihoming. We now introduce five additional retransmission schemes, and evaluate all ten schemes under both non-failure and failure scenarios. We show that the best retransmission policy dictates that (a) new data transmissions and fast retransmissions should be sent to the same peer IP address, and (b) timeout retransmissions should he sent to an alternate peer IP address. This… CONTINUE READING
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