Retraining the King's left hand

  title={Retraining the King's left hand},
  author={Howard I. Kushner},
  journal={The Lancet},
  • H. Kushner
  • Published 11 June 2011
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Lancet
Are Footedness and Lateral Postures Better Predictors of Hemispheric Dominance Than Handedness: A Cross-sectional Questionnaire-Based Clinical and Pedigree Study
A statistically significant correlation was seen between foot preference and lateral postures and arm folding and hand clasping and a significant association was found between handedness and positive history of retraining and Sidedness did not follow any Mendelian pattern of inheritance. Expand
Lived Experiences of the Left-Handed: A Case of Solusi University, Zimbabwe
This study purposed to explore the lived-experiences of students and workers at Solusi University, Zimbabwe. Questionnaires were administered amongst 24 participants to gather information, which wasExpand
Making it right? Social norms, handwriting and human capital
I study the forced right-hand writing of left-handed children (switching) as a case where social norms motivate parents to invest in their children. While the previous literature has found thatExpand
Left in a Right-Handed World
Left-handers live in a world arranged for the convenience of the right-handed majority. Pressuring left-handers to adopt right-hand use, especially for writing and eating, is a worldwide phenomenonExpand
Diverse Brains
While it appeared that the patients enjoyed Much Ado About Nothing, mostly they said that there was nothing particularly complicated about the story and they didn’t relate to the characters in aExpand
Diverse Brains.
From just the books that are sold on, you can learn how to Use Your Brain, Use Both Sides of Your brain, and Challenge Your Brain (Tuller & Rios, 2005), but just remember: You Are Not Your Brain. Expand
Deficit or creativity: Cesare Lombroso, Robert Hertz, and the meanings of left-handedness
Left-handedness continues to be portrayed in the contradictory ways first elaborated by Lombroso and Hertz more than a century ago as either the cause of a variety of learning disabilities or as the key that can unlock creativity and talent. Expand
Why are there (almost) no left-handers in China?
In China, a combination of traditional values and practical considerations seems to have merged to reduce both the actual and reported prevalence of left-handedness. Expand
Laterality and Handedness: Brain, Mind, Culture and History
This graduate seminar, open also to senior honors students, will investigate the causes and consequences of human laterality in multidisciplinary perspective as they relate to the "mind" and to theExpand


Cultural influences on handedness: Historical and contemporary theory and evidence.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the cultural influences on handedness. Right-handers comprise the vast majority of the adult population. Judging from the depictions of hand use in the worksExpand
Left-handedness: Behavioral implications and anomalies.
Birth Stress and Intrauterine Factors . Birth Stress and Left-Handedness: The Rare Trait Marker Model (S. Coren and A. Searleman). Non Right-Handedness and the Continuum of Reproductive Casualty (P.Expand
Reading, Writing and Speech Problems in Children
THIS book contains the third of the Thomas W. Salmon Memorial Lectures. The writer gives an account of his well-known work on disorders of the language faculty in children. He discusses the variousExpand