Retraction of: EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2015 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

  title={Retraction of: EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2015 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses},
  author={Igor Ya. Belyaev and Amy Dean and Horst Dipl Ing Eger and Gerhard Hubmann and Reinhold Jandrisovits and Olle Johansson and Markus Kern and Michael Kundi and Piero Lercher and Wilhelm Mosg{\"o}ller and Hanns Moshammer and Kurt M{\"u}ller and Gerd Oberfeld and Peter Ohnsorge and Peter Pelzmann and Claus Scheingraber and Roby Thill},
  journal={Reviews on Environmental Health},
  pages={337 - 337}
Chronic diseases and illnesses associated with unspecific symptoms are on the rise. In addition to chronic stress in social and work environments, physical and chemical exposures at home, at work, and during leisure activities are causal or contributing environmental stressors that deserve attention by the general practitioner as well as by all other members of the health care community. It seems certainly necessary now to take "new exposures" like electromagnetic field (EMF) into account… 

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Electromagnetic field reduction restores health of electro-sensitive people1

It is proposed that people may be assigned the ‘status’ of EHS when having suffered from a certain number of health symptoms, which were alleviated by EMF reduction and shielding, to achieve appropriate medical attention for electro-sensitive people, and help in creating electromagnetically clean living and working conditions.

Main Regularities and Health Risks from Exposure to Non-Thermal Microwaves of Mobile Communication

  • I. Belyaev
  • Physics
    2019 14th International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Systems and Services in Telecommunications (TELSIKS)
  • 2019
Various responses to non-thermal microwaves (MW) from mobile communication including adverse health effects related to electrohypersensitivity, cancer risks, neurological effects, and reproductive

A Review of the Health Risks of Radiofrequency Radiation Employed in 5G Technology and the Implications for UK Policymaking

  • Political Science
  • 2020
This short critical review explores the findings of extant research on the health risks posed by 5G technologies that emit radiofrequency radiation (RFR). It also provides evidence that the processes

Health Council of the Netherlands and evaluation of the fifth generation, 5G, for wireless communication and cancer risks

  • L. Hardell
  • Medicine, Political Science
    World journal of clinical oncology
  • 2021
The conclusion that there is no reason to stop the use of lower frequencies for 5G is not justified by current evidence on cancer risks as commented in this article.

Impact of Cell-phone on Human Health: A Systematic Review of Literatures

The present study is intended to review the literatures relating mobile phone and Wi-fito human health in order to make the scientific community updated on the association between mobile phone use and human health.

Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

There is a vast amount of evidence in the independent scientific literature that conflicts with both the conclusion about lack of demonstrated effects and the conclusion that there is no known mechanism by which effects can be produced.

Preventive measures to reduce harmful effects produced by electromagnetic radiation on health

Man-made electromagnetic waves are the most widely and rapidly expanding exposure in today's world, including exposure in several frequency groups: extremely low frequencies (ELF) from electricity

Radiofrequency radiation injures trees around mobile phone base stations.

The impact of selected modifiable lifestyle factors on male fertility in the modern world

A review of the literature on the most common unhealthy habits in the modern world, such as obesity, mobile phone usage, smoking and alcohol intake, and their reported effects on male fertility found that lifestyle-related factors are a significant cause of male infertility in the world today.

The effect of Non- ionizing electromagnetic field with a frequency of 50 Hz in Rat ovary: A transmission electron microscopy study

Evaluating the harmful effects of 50 Hz non-ionizing EMF on rat oocytes concluded that EMF has harmful effects on the ovarian follicles.



Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: fact or fiction?

Electromagnetic Fields, Oxidative Stress, and Neurodegeneration

This review synthesizes the emerging evidences about this topic, highlighting the wide data uncertainty that still characterizes the EMFs effect on oxidative stress modulation, as both pro-oxidant and neuroprotective effects have been documented.

Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link - Part I.

  • M. HerbertCindy Sage
  • Biology
    Pathophysiology : the official journal of the International Society for Pathophysiology
  • 2013

Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link part II.

  • M. HerbertCindy Sage
  • Biology
    Pathophysiology : the official journal of the International Society for Pathophysiology
  • 2013

The prevalence of symptoms attributed to electromagnetic field exposure: a cross-sectional representative survey in Switzerland

The large proportion of the population who is concerned or attributes own symptoms to EMF may cause societal conflicts given the ubiquity of EMF in the authors' everyday life.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome

EMF hypersensitivity can occur as a bona fide environmentally inducible neurological syndrome under conditions that reasonably excluded a causative role for psychological processes.

Symptoms of ill health ascribed to electromagnetic field exposure--a questionnaire survey.

From June 2001, health questionnaires were distributed to people who complained about symptoms of ill health which they ascribed to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), to gain a better knowledge of the anxieties of complainants, to obtain hints of possible problems and of actions that should be taken to solve the problems.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – an increasing challenge to the medical profession

It seems necessary to give an International Classification of Diseases to EHS to get it accepted as EMF-related health problems and the increasing exposure to RF-EMF in schools is of great concern and needs better attention.

Metabolic and Genetic Screening of Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Subjects as a Feasible Tool for Diagnostics and Intervention

Results on MCS and EHS strengthen the proposal to adopt this blood metabolic/genetic biomarkers' panel as suitable diagnostic tool for SRI.

[Environmental medicine counselling in daily medical practice].

An evaluation study concluded that this model of interdisciplinary environmental medicine counselling structure for patients with complaints attributed to environmental exposures is feasible and addresses an existing need.