Retiring retirement

  title={Retiring retirement},
  author={Peter A. Lawrence},
Retirement is one of the most significant life transitions in adulthood, and current “retirees” and the 78 million Baby Boomers just behind them are re-writing the rules. No longer satisfied with just a nice dinner and commemorative watch, golf or tennis lessons, or arts and crafts courses at the local Senior Center, many of us want a lot more out of our “golden years.” The experts are baffled but they really shouldn’t be, it has been coming for a while. After nearly a century of decline the… 
Extending the Human Life Span: An Exploratory Study of Pro- and Anti-Longevity Attitudes
Individual differences in life-extension attitudes are seen as mirroring the differences among bioethicists in the domain, indicating a trend toward stronger prolongevity attitudes in older relative to younger cohorts.
Retired, Unmarried, Male Baby Boomer Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Disease Prevention
The findings did not show any differences in disease prevention attitudes and behaviors among retired, unmarried male boomers, and the study results may help in developing policies that would target education barriers and raise awareness of disease prevention behavior among the retired,married male baby boomers.
Aging and Cardiometabolic Risk in European HEMS Pilots: An Assessment of Occupational Old‐Age Limits as a Regulatory Risk Management Strategy
The cardiometabolic risk marker profile of HEMS pilots appears to improve over time in pilots near age 60, compared to younger pilots, and this rule's validity is assessed by comparing age‐related change rates of cardiometric incapacitation risk markers in European helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) pilots near the age of 60.
Passing the Baton--Harnessing the Full Value of Older Scientists.
  • E. Orwoll
  • Education, Medicine
    The New England journal of medicine
  • 2016
Funding for older scientists represents an increasingly large proportion of NIH dollars awarded, a trend with important consequences for the scientific workforce. But we can more actively encourage
From idealised to predictive models of liquid crystals
ABSTRACT A brief review and personal perspective of modelling and simulations of liquid crystals and of how this has dramatically changed over the years, from idealised lattice to molecular level and
Mandatory and Statutory Retirement Ages
E: Policy, Law and Regulation
  • Law
    World Banking Abstracts
  • 2018


Did the Elimination of Mandatory Retirement Affect Faculty Retirement Flows?
A special exemption from the 1986 Age Discrimination Act allowed colleges and universities to enforce mandatory retirement of faculty at age 70 until 1994. We compare faculty turnover rates at a
Boomers at the Bottom: How Will Low Income Boomers Cope with Retirement
This study uses the Urban Institute's DYNASIM model to project wealth and income at retirement for low-income boomers. The findings suggest that most with low lifetime earnings will also have low
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Retirement security or insecurity? The experience of workers aged 45 and older
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Who is ready for retirement, how ready, and how can we know
  • 2008
Baby boomers envision retiremwent II - key findings
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How will boomers fare at retirement? Final Report
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