Retinoblastoma protein acts as Pax 8 transcriptional coactivator

  title={Retinoblastoma protein acts as Pax 8 transcriptional coactivator},
  author={Stefania Miccadei and Claudia Provenzano and Martin Moj{\vz}{\'i}{\vs}ek and Pier Giorgio Natali and Donato Civitareale},
Control of cell proliferation and differentiation by the retinoblastoma protein (pRb) depends on its interactions with key cellular substrates. Available data indicate that pRb and the transcription factor Pax 8 play a crucial role in the differentiation of thyroid follicular cells. In this study, we show that pRb takes part in the complex assembled on the thyroperoxidase gene promoter acting as a transcriptional coactivator of Pax 8. Accordingly, pRb interacts with and potentiates Pax 8… CONTINUE READING