Retinitis pigmentosa

  title={Retinitis pigmentosa},
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  journal={The Lancet},
  • D. T. Hartong, E. Berson, T. Dryja
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine
  • The Lancet
  • Hereditary degenerations of the human retina are genetically heterogeneous, with well over 100 genes implicated so far. This Seminar focuses on the subset of diseases called retinitis pigmentosa, in which patients typically lose night vision in adolescence, side vision in young adulthood, and central vision in later life because of progressive loss of rod and cone photoreceptor cells. Measures of retinal function, such as the electroretinogram, show that photoreceptor function is diminished… CONTINUE READING
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    ConditionsRetinitis Pigmentosa
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    ConditionsRetinitis Pigmentosa
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